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Welcome to OUTLAWED private server!

Outlawed is a new and upcoming private server with a load of unique content. Our vision is to build a community based around a competitive culture to grind for wealth, items and profile points.
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The Wise Old Man

Posting A Guide.

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New Guide Posts Must Include

- Original ContentDo not steal an other users post from a other forum / discord / website. This content must be yours, including screen shots / videos. Unless cited with permission from owner.

- In game related informationAll the content should be related to this private server.    No off topic guides, These should be posted in the ____________ Section of the forum.

- Accurate informationThe information in your post should be up to date with the server.

-Appropriate content: Please do not post guides that do not abide with the servers rules or may cause damage to the Eco system / community and its members / or to the client / forum.
                                                                                       Posts will be deleted and users will be held responsible for their actions. 

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