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Welcome to OUTLAWED private server!

Outlawed is a new and upcoming private server with a load of unique content. Our vision is to build a community based around a competitive culture to grind for wealth, items and profile points.
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The Wise Old Man

Forum Rules.

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The rules below are placed to help make and maintain a healthy and active community.

The Forum Rules and the In Game Rules are different but must be respected in the same matter.

Rules have no special order in this list and should be treated all equally.


- Please Respect all members of the community.

- No Duplicate Posts

- No Scamming of players ( Black Market )

- No Spam Posting (more then one post in a certain period of time)

- No NSFW Content , No Gore, No Porn, No Disgusting or Sensitive content. Keep it clean, If needed a NSFW section will be added later on but that will be restricted as well. 

- No Bashing of Beliefs. ( Religion , Sexuality , Science ETC )

- Do Not Try to extract personal / private information from other members.

- Do not post in the wrong board.

- Do not post bugs / exploits of the game any where on the forum. Instead contact a staff member via discord or in game.

 Failing to abide by these rules may result in actions being taken against your account, which may include termination.


Thank you !

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