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Welcome to OUTLAWED private server!

Outlawed is a new and upcoming private server with a load of unique content. Our vision is to build a community based around a competitive culture to grind for wealth, items and profile points.
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In Game Rules

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The rules below are placed to help make and maintain a healthy and active community.

The Forum Rules and the In Game Rules are different but must be respected equally.

Rules have no special order in this list and should be treated equally.


- Do not Hack, Dupe or Exploit a bug/glitch.

- Do not impersonate a staff member.

- Do not scam players.

- Do not hack other player's account.

- Do not advertise another server.

- Do not farm PK points or AFK farm other points.

- Real world trading is prohibited.

- Do not swap in game cash for any RS or IRL cash.

Failing to abide by these rules may result in actions being taken against your account, which may include termination.

Kind Regards,

Server Owner

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